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Apr 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
him avoid the mistakes he made turning a mercedes-benz dealership into a $100 million business. and it's not just riders, advertisers, too. virtually everything here sponsored. it's a small investment with a really big payoff and what you see here at a warehouse in cleveland goes viral on youtube. >> cool park. even if you're not a baseball fan, you might think there is an easy answer to this question. who is the most hated team? you think the yankees, apparently not. >>> this woman broke off her engagement, but doesn't want to part ways with the engagement rings. her fiance is taking her to court and a lot of people have opinions about this. if you break up, do you give the ring back? national car rental knows i'm picky. so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. >>> oh, you got to hear this. a new york woman called off her wedding but still insists that she gets to keep the engagement ring. she even posted this blog with the picture of th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1